The Fuel Care is management system is the premier vessel and fleet information Platform. More than simply monitoring, Fuel Care keep both onboard personal and Shore side management Completely informed of the current status of critical system When it matters during operation, In real Time

Only the FUEL CARE System can provide the current vessel status and history in a context that is relevant to both vessel operators and shore-based management.
Information is presented in real time, when it matters most. Changes can then be made immediately, based on current, relevant information, NOT guesswork.

FUEL CARE System’s fuel management tool is the most accurate and reliable way to report on vessel and fleet performance. FUEL CARE customer experience has proven that when used as a management tool, the FUEL CARE System can reduce fuel expenditures by up to 20%.
FUEL CARE  allows management to accurately track and monitor  their vessels’ fuel consumption in real time, while giving captains valid information on which to base operational decisions.

A certification and operations management system to helps you to manage and perform activities and tasks in your ship operation.

FUEL CARE maintenance management capability lets engineers maintain optimal engine performance, and minimize fuel consumption – FUEL CARE monitoring provides engineers with the tools necessary to ensure that fuel is not wasted. FUEL CARE delivers timely and accurate information to vessel engineers and managers. The FUEL CARE System can track and log all maintenance performed on the vessel for up to ten years.

Crew Management
Our entirely web-based personnel administration system gives real-time access to all personnel data as well as digital copies of all relevant licenses and course diplomas. The system also facilitates detailed planning and statistical analysis.