Maintenance Management

FUEL CARE delivers timely and accurate information to vessel engineers and managers. The FUEL CARE System can track and log all maintenance performed on the vessel for up to ten years, and notify operators of pending maintenance based on the following:

  • Condition-based notifications, such as exhaust temperature changes that deviate from base-line values
  • Consumption-based notifications, such as fuel consumed by an engine
  • Time-based notifications, such as engine hours
  • Real-time notifications, such as faulty running lights or clogged raw water intakes

Following FUEL CARE-managed maintenance schedules can result in longer duty cycles, since mechanical disruptions are minimized.
With the FUEL CARE Marine System you can:

  • Set up every component of the vessel on a maintenance schedule
  • Log all maintenance warnings
  • Log all maintenance performed
  • Notify management when maintenance indicators are ignored
  • Prevent small problems from compounding into large, expensive problems.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance when least disruptive to operations
  • Increase operator accountability by monitoring and logging all critical systems