Fleet Management

Additional benefits provided by the FUEL CARE System:

  1. Same-day Billing – The FUEL CARE trip logs can be transmitted to accounting, converted into invoices, and sent out the same day the job was performed. Often used by tug and charter companies, this FUEL CARE benefit can greatly increase profits for any operation that bills per job through higher cash flow.
  2. Vessel location – Identify the location and STATUS of all of your vessels in real time.
  3. GPS Fencing – Receive instant notification if a vessel leaves a defined geographical area or enters a restricted area.
  4. Emergency Alert Capabilities – An emergency message can be sent to management from anywhere on the planet using FUEL CARE NET.
  5. Increased vessel safety – The FUEL CARE system can immediately alert management when unsafe conditions exist. There is a record of everything that happens to the vessel, including but not limited to:
  • Vessel location history
  • Any and all alarms
  • Fuel and speed history
  • Maintenance indicators
  • Capture and archive of live RADAR, AIS, CCTV