FUEL CARE Systems is providing real-time marine vessel operations information. Our products and systems bring the information required for successful and profitable decisions to all enterprise personnel, regardless of position in the hierarchy of the business structure.

FUEL CARE Marine Systems strives to ensure that accurate and concise information is presented in the simplest manner, so that all concerned can use this information quickly and profitably.

All industries struggle to acquire accurate information. FUEL CARE Marine has chosen to focus on marine vessel operations, and to be the world’s leader in providing marine businesses with the accurate information and decision-making software that is desperately needed.

Our products and systems utilize the ever-growing power of microcomputers and MS Windows® based software to gather more information – more than ever previously possible. Our customers perform these tasks with fewer personnel, fewer mistakes, and fewer losses. We simultaneously collect, store, and analyze all of the information from the hundreds of different systems on board, be they vessel operations systems, or cargo management and control.

When appropriate, we report vital information and computed conclusions to vessel operations personnel and shore-based management.

The combination permits management to make positive, instant management decisions. We utilize the fastest, most cost-effective, global information transports available today: satellite data links.

FUEL CARE Systems is dedicated and focused on performing the continuing research and development of those tools and systems to support the ever-changing definition of successful world trade, and to continue as the world’s leader of marine information systems.